PARACORD PLANET 550 Nylon Paracord 7 Strand Type III Utility Cord – Largest Selection Available!

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Paracord is known by many names some of the more popular and well known are 550 cord, parachute cord, and utility cord. 550 cord can be used for many projects such as making fashion bracelets or survival bracelets, dog collars and leashes, lanyards, repairing ripped or torn items, general crafting purposes and that next camping trip your planing with the family.¬†Our 550 cord Type III Mil-Spec and is made in the USA by a government contractor. Made from 100% Nylon 5/32″ Diameter. Quick Drying and will not rot or mildew, easy to clean.

Product Features

  • Choose from many sizes: 10 feet 25 feet 50 feet 100 feet or 250 feet.
  • Great for paracord bracelets, survival bracelet, paracord lanyards or keychains, crafting, and more!
  • Will not rot mildew resistance
  • 7 Strand Nylon Braided Government Tested 550lb
  • Also known as: parachute cord, 550 cord, parachute rope, paracord rope, para cord, utility cord, or paracord.


Anonymous says:

Perfect for 49er colors. Delivery was prompt, and since I was making a keychain in 49er colors for a friend, I needed the right shade. Originally I got a deep red and it was too magenta for my use, so I was already behind….I got this very fast, whipped together the keychain, and earned $20!

Anonymous says:

Great for boot laces Its 550 paracord. What else to say? So far I’ve used it at boot laces and it works very well. Does require a slight change to tieing method by using a surgeon’s knot…but thats easy.Update: After experimenting with different colors from other sellers one this I’ve noticed about this one is that when it comes to fusing the ends, this particular paracord is very easy and uniform to work with. Others just don’t fuse as nicely! This is especially important when using as shoe or…

Anonymous says:

Nope! Not the color on the screen. Not as pictures. I ordered this because I was looking for the shade of lavender that is a light purple. LIKE THE PICTURE SHOWS. What I got was sort of a light pink.See the photo below, held up to the screen. The color it’s supposed to be and the color it is.I’ll probably keep it because people request all different colors and the bigger palette the better. But somebody requested the light purple and now I can’t fill their request in a timely manner…

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