Petite Victoria Sun Hat – Ultra-Lightweight, Broad Brim, Petite Style, Mixed Camel

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The classic Petite Victoria elevates your style with everyday elegance. Made of 100% poly-straw. The modern Petite Victoria is perfect for spending time outdoors whether it be travelling abroad, walking in the park or spending a day at the beach. The ultra-lightweight, breathable and durable Petite Victoria sun hat has a 3 ½” up-turned brim and an internal drawstring for a perfect fit every time. Pack this hat by stuffing it. Easy to handwash in cold water. ** Wallaroo Hat Company started 20 years ago with inspiration from the Australian community’s awareness of how damaging the sun’s UV rays are in causing skin cancer. Wallaroo’s mission is to share that awareness and provide stylish affordable sun protection. ** From our home in Colorado, we draw inspiration from nature – the earthy tones of the Rocky Mountains and the brilliant blue of the sunny skies. We focus on quality craftsmanship and functional, fashionable designs so your Wallaroo hat can go with you on all your adventures. We want you to get out there – to play, hike, swim and explore life – with complete confidence, knowing you are covered in style. ** We are proud to be woman-owned and a charitable contributor to skin cancer research, education and prevention. for organizations such as the Skin Cancer Foundation, the SHADE Foundation, Melanoma Research Foundation, Melanoma International and the Colorado Melanoma Foundation. As a leader in our industry, Wallaroo became a Certified B Corporation in 2016, joining a global community of companies committed to changing our world for the better.

Product Features

  • THE STRAW HAT HAS GONE MODERN: Wallaroo has popularized the 1960’s Breton sun with the Petite Victoria sun hat. Wallaroo has re-designed the Petite Victoria, made from 100% poly-straw which makes it ultra-lightweight, with a stylish 3 ½” up-turned brim and comes in a large selection of 10 colors perfect to compliment any outfit for your outdoor sun protection needs.
  • STYLISH SUN PROTECTION FOR ALL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Wallaroo sun hats are perfect for outdoor adventures where a proportion of time will be spent in the sun. This functional travel-friendly ultra-lightweight sun hat helps reduce your skin’s exposure to the suns damaging UV rays. Wallaroo Hat Company wants you to get out and enjoy life’s outdoor adventures – to play, hike, swim, explore or simply enjoy a casual afternoon – with complete confidence.
  • WE LOVE OUR SUN HATS AND YOU SHOULD TOO: Wallaroo Hat Company’s Petite Victoria for women comes in 10 stylish colors to compliment any outfit. Every Wallaroo hat has our signature internal drawstring which ensures extra comfort and optimum fit. The Petite Victoria is ultra-lightweight, comfortable, breathable and can be packed by stuffing it.
  • PROTECT YOUR PETITE VICTORIA SUN HAT: Wallaroo’s Petite Victoria has a durable design. We recommend handwashing your hat with a gentle soap in cold water to safely remove any residue, dirt or grime from the poly-straw weave. Stuff the crown of your Petite Victoria with kitchen towels to air dry, brim down. If your hat looses a little shape, steam it as necessary. Do not use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.
  • BORN IN COLORADO, DESIGNED IN AUSTRALIA: Wallaroo Hat Company draws inspiration from nature – the earthy tones of the Rocky Mountains and the brilliant blue of the sunny skies. Our Australian designers focus on quality craftmanship and functional, fashionable designs so your Wallaroo hat can go with you on all your adventures. Our goal is to provide you with a stylish sun hat to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.


Anonymous says:

Quality made and flattering As described, this hat is a petite sized hat. My head measures 21 inches and I have thin short hair. The hat just fits. Suggest sizing up if your head is larger or if you have a lot of hair. You may want to measure your head how you are going to wear the hat. If you plan to tilt it back then measure where the hats diameter will sit. Well made hat that truly pops back into shape after packing. I added a strap as I’ll be wearing the hat when boating. Simply inserted a nail in the weave and…

Anonymous says:

Great fit for my small head I asked this question before purchasing: “Would this fit a head like this: us size s 6 3/4 – 6 7/8, head measurement in inches: 21 1/8 – 21 1/2. thin, fine hair.”The four answers were quite helpful. The two colors I bought fit wonderfully. They are, indeed, scrunchable and packable. Haven’t washed yet, but no reason to doubt that will be a problem.The reason this hat doesn’t rate five stars is because the crown is not protected, letting sunlight reach my scalp. I…

Anonymous says:

Wallaroo hat, big sunglasses, earrings and snap! I am 67 years old, 5’2″, 100 lbs, with a very petite head. The Wallaroo Petite Victoria Sun Hat fits perfectly. The petite size fits my head AND is proportionate to my small stature. I’ve tried (and bought) dozens of other hats but none fit as well or look as stylish as the Wallroo. I have other lovely Wallaroos … one in lime green and one in hydrangea, and this one is Mixed Carmel. I love it. I am often complimented on my hats (strangely enough by men). The reasons I wear hats?:…

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