Petzl – TIKKINA Headlamp, 150 Lumens, Standard Lighting, Blue

June 2, 2017 - Comment
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The TIKKINA headlamp offers 150-lumen brightness and a wide beam for proximity lighting. Simple, compact and with a long burn time, it is practical for outdoor activities like camping or trekking, or for traveling, and also for daily activities and projects around the house. TIKKINA is a HYBRID headlamp that is also compatible with the CORE rechargeable battery.

Product Features

  • TIKKINA IS A HYBRID HEADLAMP: it comes with three standard batteries, and is also compatible with the CORE rechargeable battery.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN: Wide, uniform beam for comfortable close-range vision. Compact design for comfort.
  • LONG BURN TIME: Burn time ranges from 60 hours on Standard power to 220 hours on Max Autonomy.
  • COMES IN 4 COLORS: Black, Red, Blue, and Rose
  • EASY TO USE: Features single button with which to quickly and easily select the lighting mode.


jimii says:

Life’s too short for cheap headlights I’m very happy with this headlight. I greatly favor the ones from the rock climbing companies because they’re built to take down the side of a mountain at night. All the other headlights (cheap, expensive, name brand, chinese) break, but not this one. This is a very nice headlight, highly recommended. Light output is perfect to do work in the dark.

Amazon Customer says:

Good headlamp. One click starts you off on low Good headlamp. One click starts you off on low. Two clicks gives you a VERY bright light. After a few seconds on low, the next click shuts off the light, so you are not required to cycle through the high beam to turn it off. It’s well made.

Cody says:

Good stuff I question the 150 lumen claim, because it doesn’t seem any brighter than my 2015 model Tikkina, which is rated 80 Lumens. Side by side, I can’t tell the difference, aside from the 2017 model has 3 settings instead of 2. I like these so much that I can’t dock it a star for that. Maybe it operates brighter with the optional rechargeable Core pack? It is still plenty bright for most tasks around the house, garage, or camp site. I used to think headlamps were a little silly, but this has become…

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