Pocketman 4 Pcs1000LM XPE-R3 LED Penlight Flashlight Tactical Torch with Clip(13.3 CM)

November 5, 2019 - Comment
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Product Features

  • Portable mini size, shape like a pen, only 13.3cm length.
  • Simply 1 switch mode lighting effect design.
  • The maximum output brightness can up to 1000 lumen.
  • Comes with a clip, suitable for carrying around.
  • Skid-proof, abrasion resistance and ordinary waterproof design.


Anonymous says:

Cheap cheap Terrible, quality is poor at best. Opened package of 4 to install batteries and immediately they started to fall apart. The lens cap falls of and is very difficult to put back on without smashing the led. The ones that dont fall apart worm intermittent because the batteries don’t fit well and move around inside the light. I was expecting g cheap, bit these aren’t hardly usable.

Anonymous says:

Good idea, poor quality. The good+pricing+looks good+pen clip+metal construction+single function switch (just on/off)+brightThe bad-poor quality control-no zoom capability (could be a + for some)-batteries do not last very longBecause 1 of the 4 had issues out of the box I was on the fence with it. Then a 2nd one start acting up, I decided to return them all. Trust is gone, can’t have a light that can fall at any time, specially when they die that…

blank Anonymous says:

Awesome — Just know its limits I have had several of these for more than 6 months. I use them for back-packing emergencies, house power-losses, or viewing my backyard at night. I LOVE them, but have learned some minor cons:PROS Awesome brightness!! Small, compact and ready after sitting for several months. Great hold-with-your-teeth light when working in small, dark spaces.CONS During NON-STOP use, the batteries will last about 1-2 hours — recommend rechargeable…

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