PSKOOK Survival Paracord Parachute Fire Cord Survival Ropes Red Tinder Cord PE Fishing Line Cotton Thread 7 Strands Outdoor 20, 25, 100 Feet (Black, 100)

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PSKOOK fire paracord outdoor survival ropes with :7   Individual Triple-ply Braided Strands 1   Red Flax Fire Tinder 1   PE Fishing Line (40 lb) 1   Cotton Thread Perfect for DIY stuff: Survival Bracelets, Boot Laces, Keychain, Fixed Gun Belt, Wrapped Knife Handles, Fixed Tents, Packing and so on. Totally a new fire starter kit for any emergency needs !!!You can refer to the relevant instructions and video for more details !!!Welcome your reasonable suggestions for more fun next time !!!

Product Features

  • Now you can get survival cord paracord at normal paracord price, great quality great price, it really worths the price than normal paracord, and will exceed your expectation. As Outdoor enthusiasts, we honestly tell you that ours are 100% polyester 380lb not 550lb (Quality and Cost: Nylon >polyester>polypropylene, we have nylon 550 type too). Polyester is better than polypropylene in sleeve and touch feeling. Paracord is not for Climbing
  • Revolutionary new fire paracord with survival cords: 1 PE braided fishing line(40lb), 1 red waterproof flax fire tinder and 1 cotton thread, measuring 5/32 inch in diameter. The Life-saving strands can catch fish or food, make instant fire, sew the clothes or wound, set traps
  • Not Stiff, Flexible as normal paracord, because our survival cords are soft strands. This is very good for DIY projects. You can make any paracord stuff by our new survival paracord, new fire starter bracelet, etc. It will be totally a new fire starter kit for any emergency needs
  • Tinder cord is widely needed when making fire, our flax tinder is waterproof, in wet weather, rain, rainforest, or even drop in water, you can make fire with your fire flint Great price in polyester paracord with great quality, you can return it if you are not satisfied with it
  • Different batches have slightly different packaging, some of them come with no strap. However, the paracord itself is the same, Please kindly noted.


Anonymous says:

Would buy again. While I have not tried out all the features, my observations are, at least with this batch:1 – Red fiber/strand is the tinder, waxy coated. ( Tried out and WORKS ).1 – Yellow string for sewing/fishing? Seems more stiff than the white, hence better for fishing.1 – White string cotton for sewing7 – White strings nylon?Complete cordage undivided for lashing down items.

Anonymous says:

paracording at an affordable price… awesome cord. good price. great service.paracorded 2 jackets, .2 ponchos, zipper pulls on 2 assault packs. my axre, machete. brought a pair of keen shoes back to life with this cord. made so far about 7 to 10 bravelets and told friends about this cord. everyone is happy. will be buuing more very soon. so fat its been black, but need to try the other colors. the tinder line is awesome. did a demo on how to build a fire, people were extremely happy with that. fishing line and so many…

Anonymous says:

Multiple options for multiple use cases. Great products across the line. I have several types of paracord from the supplier, and they are all great at their specific function. The microcord is great for simple lashings like tent guy lines, the regular 380 survivalcord is great for everyday use and especially for bracelets and necklaces, as it is quite a bit softer and more pliable than regular 550 cord, and the survival 550 cord is just as durable as regular 500 cord, but with the added bonus of having a fishing line, sewing line, and fire tinder! I highly…

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