Pyro Putty Multi Season Set Pliable Fire Starter for Camping Hiking Survival Emergency Water Proof Winter Summer Eco Environment Friendly

July 12, 2019 - Comment
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Pyro Putty is the fire starter the industry has long needed! The fire starter of the future! Guaranteed to light when you need it most! Whatever mother nature throws yours way – Rain, Snow, Sleet, Wind or Shine. Pyro Putty will have its game face on! – Easy to carry and store coming in a twist top can, lightweight weighing a mere 0.6oz Per Can, this 5 Pack is a must for every backpack, ATV, Truck, Car, SUV, Boat, Snowmobile! – Our proprietary patent pending putty is pliable and sticky! Imagine play dough on steroids! Simple stick this putty where you need a fire and ignite! Apply it to the end of a stick and create a torch, stick to a wet log, Ignite, turn upside down to dry itself out and then begin to burn! Whatever and wherever you need to stick this, it will burn! INFERNO IN A CAN! – Now lets talk about EASY IGNITION! Simply pull the putty apart to expose the fibers and light away! You can use a flame, spark from a ferro rod, Electronic Arc, Magnifying glass and so on! This stuff loves to burn! – You will find 5 – 0.5 ounces of putty in each can resulting in many fires! Weather/Temperature permitting a quarter ball of putty will burn up to 15 minutes! – Proudly main in small town USA! BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST WITH PYRO PUTTY! Always check with local fire laws before using/lighting fires.

Product Features

  • 🌤 MULTI-SEASON SET ☔️ – This is our complete set! 5 Cans in total: 2- Winter Blend (-20°F to 70°F), 2 – Summer Blend (40°F to 110°F), 1 – Eco Blend (Fully Renewable Resources).
  • 🔥 MULTIPLE FIRES PER CAN, 5 CANS PER BOX! 🔥 Up to 3 Wet Fires | Up to 9 Dry Fires.
  • ☀️ BURNS ANYWHERE 🌨 – Fully Waterproof this will burn while floating on Water! Pliable/Moldable – Stick this anywhere and light! Stick to the end of a stick and create your own torch!
  • 👨‍🚒 EASILY IGNITED & LONG BURN TIME ⌛️ – Ignite by using a flame, Spark, Ferro Rod, Plasma Arc, Magnifying Glass. Quarter Size Ball = Up to 15+ Minutes of Burn Time!!
  • ⛰ IDEAL FOR ⛺️ – Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Emergency Preparedness, 72 Hour Kit, Outdoor Activities, Winter Activities, ATV, Beach, Trail.


Anonymous says:

Even better than I hoped First thing after opening the box, admiring the great (and unexpected) carry sack, reading the handwritten notes that addressed me by name from Skoped staff, I globbed and quarter sized ball of the eco on a stick and hit it with a ferro rod. Second stroke gave a hot and active flame that lasted a few seconds over 15 min…exactly as advertised. This stuff is great, the customer service is great, and the price is frankly below what I would be willing to pay. Highly recommended

Anonymous says:

Cool stuff!! I will edit as I have not used the product yet.I am a kayak camper and avid kayaker in general and I always have A good kit for cooking, fire, survival, water,etc while I am kayaking every where I go. I am always looking for inovative ways to start fires in the wild. I have the usual stuff; but, pyro putty is different. So I bought some. I have not used yet and was waiting until I used to give a review. I won’t waste to give it a go in the woodstove as it’s inside and not out in the…

Anonymous says:

Convenient and practical As a backcountry hunter, I’m always looking for new products to try and see if I can make my experiences better! After a rain or snow fall, it can be quite the task sometimes to get a fire started! I have always carried around military grade “trioxane” which is an incredible fire starter! IMO… Pyro Putty doesn’t light as fast or good as good old trioxane. It takes a second to light. With that being said, PP is in the little silver canisters which is very clean and convenient. Trioxane needs…

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