pys Trekking Telescopic Walking Poles – Adjustable Aluminium Lightweight Section Trekking Alpenstock, Ultralight & Comfortable with Shock-Absorbent, Quick Lock, 1 Pair (Blue, Royal Blue)

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Adjustable Aluminium Telescopic Trekking Trail Poles Alpenstock.

The hiking poles extend by turn locking system & each pole has measuring marks on the middle
section for easy adjustment to your preferred height on every trip. Each walking poles can be
extended to any length from 25″ (64 cm) to 53″ (135 cm) in length. They have a durable metal
tip, under the rubber foot at the bottom, for trekking poles hiking on more rocky and uneven terrain.
Each pole comes with an optional mud disk for use on softer ground coverings so the poles won’t sink.
Each hiking stick contains a trekking poles anti shock spring located in the upper section of each pole
for more comfortable walking by absorbing the impact of each pole placement. The poles also come with
an adjustable&comrotable wrist strap for easier hiking.

– Two Colors Available: Green, Blue
– Comfortable ergonomic grips
– Poles extend from 25″ (64 cm) to 53″ (135 cm)
– Poles come with two sets of hiking poles rubber tips and trekking poles baskets
for hiking on softer surfaces (mud, snow etc) to prevent sinking.
– Anti-shock spring in pole to lessen placement impact.
– Easy to use twist locking system.
– Wrist straps for added comfort and support; Easily adjustable.
– Approx.11.85 ounces each (include rubber tips and snow baskets weighs).
– Great for regular walks, leisurely hiking or adventurous treks.

2 x Trekking Poles
2 x Hiking Stick Rubber Tips
2 x Snow Baskets
1 x Carry Bag

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We provide money back guarantee if not suitable with no
question asked and we also offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty and new replacement!

Product Features

  • ✔ GREAT FOR TREKKING/HIKING – The trekking poles made from the durable lightweight aluminum material. It contains hiking poles anti-shock springs section to add more comfortable for outdoor trekking, walking, mountaineering.
  • ✔ QUICK-LOCK&ADJUSTABLE – You can extend your hiking stick adjustable from 25″ (64 cm) all the way to 53″ (135 cm) quickly. Also easy to pack in your Carry Bag (Free trekking poles bag included in purchase!)
  • ✔ COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC GRIPS – Grips are now “ribbed” for less hand slippage with sweaty hands, and adjustable wrist straps for added comfort and support.
  • ✔ ULTRALIGHT SECTION – Each walking poles include rubber tips and snow baskets, it only weighs 11.85 ounces. Package includes all terrain trekking poles accessories to fit your trekking travel!
  • ✔ 365 DAYS WARRANTY – We provide money back guarantee if your trekking poles not suitable with no question asked and we also offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty and new replacement!


Anonymous says:

Unimpressed but decent for the money I guess Meh. The spring anti-shock feature is useless, the spring is way too stiff to “relieve” any impact unless you have 200 pound arms. And the “anti-slip” foot, one of the end-piece options, is the exact opposite of “anti-slip”. The poles seem sturdy enough and lightweight but they don’t really seem to help the walking much.

Anonymous says:

Feels professional As an avid hiker I’ve gone through several walking poles – from Mt. Kilimanjaro to the mountains of Washington State and hills in Hawaii. These are by far one of the best I’ve used without having to pay over $100. The package comes with accessories to meet any type of terrain challenge, from mud to snow to narrow rock faces and they all store easily inside the bag that accompanies the product. Here in Hawaii, there’s plenty of mud due to the large amount of rainfall so I mainly use the mud…

blank Anonymous says:

Great for hip replacement recovery I got these to transition to from a walker after hip replacement surgery. I’m not that old (or I think I’m not) so I hated the idea of a cane… not that a walker sounded great, either, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Anyway, these were great as having the stability of two was super helpful before going down to using just one. They’re fully adjustable and light weight. Plus, you look like an adventurer and not like someone recovering from old people’s surgery!

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