Quiksilver Men’s Bushmaster Floppy Sun Beach Hat, Khaki3, Large/X-Large

November 8, 2019 - Comment
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Assorted novelty fabric bushmaster hat

Product Features

  • Wide-brim hat in cotton featuring embroidered logoing and adjustable chin strap


Anonymous says:

Perfect for sun coverage when at lake or beach… This hat is exactly what I was looking for on the boat. I am constantly driving and pulling friends and family on the water and this hat is perfect for keeping my face, nose, and partial shoulder covered when out for long stints. This is going to be the ideal hat for lazy sunday fundays outside and lounging on the dock, boat, or beach this summer. I have a small head so with any bucket style hat, they are going to seem large on me. With the straps this hat fits great and will stay on my head…

Anonymous says:

Not bad, but not really for me I wish I would have done a little more research on these hats before I pulled the trigger on this one. Overall I don’t really hate it, but I don’t really love it either.Pros:- Provides great shade- ComfortableCons:- I thought it would be more of a white, but it is definitely dark grey- The rim of the hat is WAY larger than I thought. Makes it look like a true safari hatI wanted something that had a smaller rim, but I guess this would…

blank Anonymous says:

Good hat, not colorfast even when hand washed Fits as expected, but I hand washed the hat after receiving it and set it out to dry, resulting in pretty noticeable color bleed/fading. This was hand washed and air dried as the label stated but the hat looks like it’s been at the beach a full season already now. I don’t care too much as this is worn in the sun and at the beach, but I expect more from quicksilver. I have used their products for years surfing, at the beach or even for work. This is the first item I have ever had from them…

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