REDCAMP 2 in 1 Carbon Fiber Hiking Pole Collapsible, Ultralight Adjustable Trekking Cane and Walking Stick for Men Women, Black

May 5, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Happy with My Purchase. Just took delivery of the Redcamp Carbon Fiber Hiking like with cork handle. It is extremely light weight. I was a little surprised that the height adjustment was separate pieces. It holds the adjustment well and you don’t need tools to adjust. It works for me because I’m only 5′ tall and my cane is adjusted to 30-31″. I can actually make it shorter so that I can put it in my 26″ suitcase. I believe it adjusts down to 24″. Two day shipping cost $3.99 and it did arrive in 2 days. Have it…

Anonymous says:

Collapse under light weight pressure Two issues with these poles – the first issue was one pole came with the bottom latch broken – so that was a no go – it had to be returned – I understand that happens – OK.BIGGEST NO GO FOR ME WAS: when you put weight on the other pole it gave – it would collapse. It was OK if you were walking along but if I tripped and put a bit of weight on it it collapsed. I went physically shopping and found other brands that do not collapse under my light weight – had to pay more but…

Anonymous says:

This is a high quality and a well designed product This product not only met but exceeded my expectations. I have been in the process of recovering from two very invasive spinal surgeries that have resulted in a long period of recovery. My recovery has included combating balance and coordination issues. I have had to use a walker for over four months as I have progressed towards some semblance of unassisted walking again. I found that using two canes helped my progression and helped in negotiating steps that did not have accompanying rails…

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