REDUCE Canteen and Growler Lid Replacement, Pack of 2 Lids – Black with Stainless Steel, Leak Proof – Ideal for On The Go Drinking-Fits 24oz, 32oz, and 64oz REDUCE Vacuum Insulated Canteen and Growler

September 9, 2019 - Comment
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If you have lost or broken your reduce Canteen or Growler lids, don’t worry!

Introducing the reduce Canteen and Growler Replacement Lids 2 Pack. A must have in your reduce lineup of products!

Keep these replacement lids handy for those unwanted moments when the lid to your favorite 24oz, 32oz, or 64oz reduce Canteen/Growler breaks, leaks, or simply goes missing.

Designed to fit your busy lifestyle, these easy to use lids are BPA free, spill and leak proof, and dishwasher safe. Better yet, they double as a cup! These lids are black/stainless steel with a dual screw on design to either remove completely to add ice or favorite beverage or to simply sip from. It features an easy drink spout and a silicone gasket lining to give it an air tight seal to prevent splashing and major spillage. Includes 2 replacement lids that ONLY fit the 24oz, 32oz, and 64oz REDUCE Canteen and Growler

Product Features

  • WHAT’S INCLUDED – 2 black/stainless steel lids that work with the 24, 32, and 64 ounce REDUCE Canteen and Growlers only. Perfect for adding to your collection or replacing lost or damaged lids. Each lid measures 2.625 inches in diameter
  • NO MORE SPLASHES – designed with you in mind, this set of 2 lids are perfect for beverages on the go. The leak proof lids are easy to open, easy to carry, and easy to sip; Perfect for tailgating, camping, parties or the beach
  • SNUG AND SECURE DESIGN – the silicone gasket lining prevents splashing. Fill with your beverage of choice, you might enjoy a glass of red or white wine, or champagne, beer, cocktails, soda, juice or simply water
  • FUNCTIONAL PERSONALITY – add these replacement lids to your favorite Canteen or Growler as the lid doubles as a cup & twists off to easily pour, drink from, or to add ice. Take it with you while you’re hiking, biking, shopping, the gym, road trips
  • EASY CARE – the protected spout keeps out dirt and germs while you take a drink without removing the cap. Components are dishwasher safe and are made from 100% BPA free materials. These lids are ready for any adventure


Anonymous says:

Exactly what I needed! After dropping my Reduce water bottle on the garage floor the lid had cracked and would come off if not careful after that. These lids were a perfect fit and no more worrying about leaks! Just wish I could have gotten one that matched my pink bottle.

Anonymous says:

my bottle is usable again! Woo Hoo! I had two “reduce” bottles bought from costco and the caps on both broke after each bottle dropped to the floor. These caps appear the same as the originals, plastic with a silicone ring to seal and a rubber band around the outside. When dropped, the plastic splits open along the seam and leaks water. I tried to glue, but the pressure of the bottle when the top was screwed on split them open again. These bottles keep water cold longer than other bottles I got from Costco, so I am glad to be…

blank Anonymous says:

Caps. We bought the bottles and caps from Costco. The bottles are very nice easy to pack and keep the water cold for 8 hours however the caps are not very sturdy. The caps broke once the kids dropped the bottle on the floor. Without the caps the bottles cannot be useful. Very thankful to Amazon (who carries and sells a lot of things) that we could buy the replacement caps. We can use the bottles again. Thanks Amazon for carrying these caps.

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