River Country Products 4 Person Tent, Trekker Tent 4 – Green (Tent Without Poles)

March 2, 2020 - Comment
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This 5-lb tent is one of the lightest 4-person tents on the market, and likely the only 4-person backpacking tent on the market. Fits 4 with room to spare. 6′ 1″ peak height so you can walk in without crawling. Compact so it can fit in your backpack or bug out bag. Comes with 11 ultra light aluminum stakes and carrying bag. This tent is intended for use with our trekking poles plus one, it takes 3 trekking poles total. If you buy it without our trekking poles, it will work using a tree or a long stick or branch or a low hanging branch. The branch or tree would need to be 6′ 2″ or taller. Total weight is 5 lbs including stakes and carrying bag, but not including Trekking Poles.
Important Note: Our trekking poles are made so that the handle can come off and two trekking poles can be put together making one long pole. Most trekking poles on the market will not work with this tent. If you purchase this tent without our trekking poles you will have to use a long stick or a tree to set this tent up, it also needs a third trekking pole or stick for the rear of the tent.

Product Features

  • Super Fast and Easy setup! Great for Hiking, camping, or adding to your survival bag, this compact tent will fit into your backpack without filling it up.
  • This tent uses 3 trekking poles, 2 in front and 1 in back. The 2 in front are specially made so that the handle comes off and they can be connected together making one long pole. Without our poles you will need to use a stick or a tree to set this tent up.
  • This tent can be purchased with or without the front trekking poles; a 3rd trekking pole or stick is needed to support the rear of the tent.
  • At over 6 feet peak height, you will be the envy of the camp as you walk instead of crawl out of your new backpacking tent.
  • This Tent includes 11 ultra light red aluminum stakes and all needed guy lines, and an extra 25 ft guy line kit. Guy lines are not connected so the first setup will take longer.


Anonymous says:

Good value, but leaks pretty bad. Used this tent on a 4-man, 6-day backcountry hike in Denali National Park this summer. It was easy to set up and very roomy (when you add additional poles to the sides and front of the tent to hold it completely open). Definitely needs to be sealed before use. We sealed all the seams but the tent still leaked pretty substantially from nearly every seam when it rained even just a little. Not sure what can be done about sealing the seams any better than we did. We sealed both inside and out, but…

Anonymous says:

Lots and lots of room in here! Really great tent. Tried looking up this tent on YouTube and found no videos at all on this…so I made one so check it out it’s very basic but it will definitely give you a perspective of the size and room of this tent. Mind you that I am 5’11” and 290# so watch as I lay in there to see exactly how much room you will have.

Anonymous says:

This 4 person tent is big and only weighs 5 pounds 2 ounces. I put the tent up today just to learn how and make sure all the guy lines were attached, so heres my take on it.This tent is a long octagon shaped tent, wider in the front and gets narrower in the back. Its stated as a 4 person tent. With that said I believe this is for 4, what I would call, skinny or normal sized people lol. Im fat, as a fat guy and along with my wife I fully believe this is a perfect tent for the two of us and our gear. I didn’t notice a single thing wrong with it as…

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