Salomon Men’s X Ultra 2 GTX Hiking Shoe, Detroit/Autobahn/Methyl Blue, 9 D US

July 20, 2017 - Comment
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Updated with sleek, athletic designs, the x-ultra 2 gtx provides stability, weather protection and grip for moderate to technical terrain.

Product Features

  • Gore_tex


gaterose says:

Can’t get enough of these I love these Salomon X Ultra’s!!! I’m really hard on them and they take everything I can give them and more. And they’re so comfortable, perfect sizing & support. This is my second pair in two years, that may sound like they didn’t last long but I use these as work boots, mowing lawns in them daily. I gave up on the first pair because the tread is almost completely gone due to walking several miles a day. I picked up my first pair from STP for $75 but had no problem spending $120 on the…

Michael David Wilkinson says:

Amazing comfort, perhaps lack longevity though. These shoes are good to go straight out of the box, you will not blister and your feet wont suffer on even the longest of walks. However any shoe or boot benefits from a little breaking in, and they will go from being comfortable to being like a pair of slippers. I will say this; they do lack longevity perhaps. My house mate walks his dogs for up to two hours at a time every day, some days twice, in the exact same shoe and after a few months the sole started to separate from the shoe on the…

Kevin Lee says:

If you walk a lot, get these shoes I am a new fan of Salomon. I walk A LOT. I do not have a car so I put at least 5 miles on my feet per day. 

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