Scrubby Washing Gloves – Silicone Gloves w/Wash Scrubber | Ultimate Cleaning Tool | Multipurpose, Dishwashing, Scrubbing, Baking | Power through Grease & Oil | Durable, Heat Resistant, Easy to Clean

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Keep your hands soft and smooth, even when you regularly wash dishes! Hocus Pocus makes silicone multi-use scrubbers that let you clean using your whole hand (fingers, knuckles and palms), thanks to hundreds of durable bristles on every part of the silicone magic gloves.

Our awesome silicone scrubber gloves give you tons more surface area for cleaning than traditional sponges – plus they’ll never smell or cultivate nasty bacteria! They’re perfect for reaching tight corners and edges and are super easy to clean. Just stick them in the dishwasher or sterilize in boiling water up to 420°F!

Q: How will these dish gloves with scrubbers help me wash my dishes better?
A: Our silicone scrubbing gloves are covered with thick silicone bristles on the palms, knuckles and fingers. These bristles quickly help wash away oil stains while keeping a super-strong grip. They’re safe for both your hands and kitchen utensils!

Q: Can these ergonomic gloves only be used for dishwashing?
A: Although most people use them as dish washing gloves, our scrubbing gloves for cleaning also come in handy for painting, toilets and showers, gardening, car washing and other jobs that require intensive scrubbing or hand protection. However, we recommend using a different pair for washing dishes than you do for other projects.

Our Cleaning Gloves Are Perfect For:
✓ Busy moms that don’t have time for long dishwashing sessions
✓ College students who frequently forget to soak dishes with baked on food
✓ Homeowners who are tired of smelly, bacteria-laden sponges
✓ Adults who suffer from eczema or sensitive skin
✓ Anyone with hand pain or arthritis

Throw Out All Those Smelly, Bacteria-Filled Sponges
Order our incredible reusable kitchen gloves and power through grime, grease and oil like magic – whether you’re doing the dishes, washing the car or cleaning the bathroom!

Product Features

  • ✔️THE ULTIMATE DISHWASHING TOOL – Make dishwashing time fun and fast, with magic silicone gloves that power through grease and oil. Our double-sided scrubby washing gloves feature hundreds of bristles and a no-slip grip to take on even the toughest grime!
  • ✔️NO MORE STAINED, SMELLY SPONGES – Unlike sponges that trap moisture and food particles, our magic silicone dishwashing gloves never retain smells or create breeding grounds for harmful bacteria! Our food-safe silicone washing gloves contain no plastic or latex, and never react with cleaning agents or heat.
  • ✔️RELIABLY PROTECTS HANDS AND NAILS – Hate cleaning detergents that remove your skin’s natural protective oils? Our magic dishwashing gloves for women (and guys!) create impenetrable barriers for your skin, preventing cracked, irritated and infected hands.
  • ✔️PERFECT FOR OTHER DIRTY JOBS, TOO – Our magic scrubbing gloves aren’t just awesome gloves for washing dishes easier – they’re great multipurpose silicone gloves for painting, cleaning, gardening and other dirty jobs, too. They’re amazing for washing the car, scrubbing showers and toilets, cleaning carpets and massaging your pet!
  • ✔️HEAT-RESISTANT AND EASY TO CLEAN – Buy your scrubbing gloves for dishes with confidence, knowing they’re heat-resistant up to 420°F. They even double as oven mitts! Our dish gloves with scrubbers are dishwasher-safe and double-reinforced, so they won’t rip or tear!


Anonymous says:

Love I use these gloves for so many things. The silicone bristles work great for removing pet hair when dry. They also work great when washing dishes. I actually bought a second pair to use at my farm as well. It’s so much easier to clean out a water bowl and keep your hands clean and dry!

Anonymous says:

Excellent Cleaning Gloves I purchased these gloves to use when I clean the bathtub, shower, etc. They work SO much better than a sponge! I’ve found that they break up dirt and grime much easier/quicker. They’re very thick and durable, and have not left any scratches on what I’m cleaning. The bristles are rubber but soft, not coarse. These gloves definitely make cleaning easier!

Anonymous says:

No more sponges! Holy cow, these gloves are the best! No need for a sponge, just use the gloves to scrub the worst stuck on grime and then rinse right off! I am super impressed. I may never buy sponges again!

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