Silicone Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set with Wooden Bamboo Handles (11 Piece) | Durable Cookware Tools | BPA-Free, Non-Stick Safe, Non-Toxic | Gadgets Include Tongs, Spatula, Turner, Ladle and More

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Upgrade Your Kitchen

Take your love for cooking to the next level; complement every culinary adventure with smile sparking ease! It takes the right kitchen
tools to whip up meals that inspire seconds. We’ve curated our set with 11 of the most commonly used utensils to make your time in
the kitchen that much easier.

– SOUP LADLE with its deep bowl, takes the hassle out of serving stews and soups.
– SLOTTED SPOON is just what you need to drain veggies and meat from soups.
– PASTA SERVER picks up pasta straight from the pot; so no need for a strainer.
– SPATULA is perfect for mixing salads and cooking a variety of foods on the stove.
– SLOTTED TURNER comes in handy when frying eggs, flipping patties, and lifting cookies.
– FOOD TURNER, with its modified spatula design, is perfect for stirring and serving.
– TONGS help you safely remove foods when deep frying and make serving stylish.
– BASTING BRUSH is the best tool for coating steaks and marinating meat for barbecues.
– WHISK is a must-have for baking lovers, whipping cream, and smoothing batters.
– ROUNDED SPATULA treats you to the convenience of a regular spatula with added scooping ability.
– SOLID SERVING SPOON is great for dishing out greens and curries.
Best of Both Worlds

Silicone and wood; we’ve combined the two to create cooking utensils that are durable, safe, eco-friendly and oh so lovely. The
silicone heads withstand temperatures up to 446F without melting; the wooden handles are made from renewable bamboo for
an eco-friendly touch. Whether you use stainless steel or non-stick cookware, these utensils make an amazing complement.

Get your 11-piece utensil set complete with a no-hassle lifetime guarantee!

Product Features

  • DESIGNED TO LAST: Prepare one delectable meal after another with cooking utensils that are built tough. You’ll love the silicone heads that withstand heat up to 446F and the sturdy yet eco-friendly bamboo handles. Do NOT put in dishwasher and never soak the wooden handle in water for long periods of times or the wood may crack.
  • SET OF 11: No more improvising. This set gives you the right tool to tackle that task. It includes a spatula, slotted turner, food turner, pasta server, soup ladle, slotted spoon, round spatula, tongs, basting brush, solid spoon, and whisk; useful home and apartment kitchen essentials that make cooking a treat.
  • NON-STICK SAFE: Unlike metal utensils that scratch your expensive nonstick pans and pots, ours are designed with soft silicone heads to keep your cookware pristine. The utensils also have hanging holes on the ends of the wood handles for space-friendly and convenient storage.
  • COOK WITH CONFIDENCE: Your safety and that of your family is always our top priority. That’s why we take great care to ensure our gadgets are 100% non-toxic and BPA-free. The silicone heads are FDA-approved. This means no worrying about nasty chemicals ending up in your food.
  • A LOOK YOU’LL LOVE: We’ve combined beautiful color with the natural look of wood to create a kitchen accessories set that inspires compliments. Looking for a unique housewarming, holiday, or wedding present? You’ve found it. Get your set and upgrade your kitchen in an instant.


Anonymous says:

Love it I love these silicon spoons, I was kind of hesitant to buy this color, but it’s beautiful and very good quality.I really like the bamboo handles, they don’t get hot like other spoons. Awesome product.

Anonymous says:

Quality, Attractive “Coastal Theme” Utensils Our home has a “coastal beach theme” so when I saw the pretty aqua color of this set, I was excited. I’ve been married for 21 years and in my kitchen drawers, i still have a “hodge lodge” of garage sale and miscellaneous acquired kitchen utensils.The utensils are made of sturdy material and the wood handle is nice. I would display these on my counter if I had a cool coastal themed container (maybe I’ll find one at a garage sale this weekend. ;). )Overall, the price is…

blank Anonymous says:

Such a beautiful, versatile set of kitchen utensils! I am so happy that I got this set of kitchen utensils! I previously had a solid bamboo set for a short while, but I noticed that the end of the utensils (the portion that is in direct contact with the food) didn’t clean off very well and constantly had a lingering smell. After a little time, the ends started to turn black, presumably because they weren’t fully dry and clean. I threw them out and purchased this set instead, because I loved the non-porous silicon these have instead. I feel that…

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