Stakrax – Stackable, Modular Wine Rack – 2 Piece top Plate Accessory Set

December 20, 2018 - Comment
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Accessory for Stakrax modular wine storage system. Maximize your Stakrax builds and designs with extra top plates. Each top plate caps 1 module for an extra level of storage as a top row. Set of 2.

Product Features

  • Accessory for Stakrax modular wine storage system
  • Add even more bottle storage capacity to existing Stakrax builds
  • Allows for more variety and flexibility when building your Stakrax system
  • Use 1 top plate per module to gain extra storage as a top row
  • Set of 2


Anonymous says:

Looks like plastic. I mean, it is, but it really looks like it. I bought a stack to put on a shelf and display wine, if in a somewhat shadowed vecinity. After having this a few months I’ve tricked my brain into perceiving it as an industrial deco-decision….but really if you plan to have this in the open, use your brain to remember these are a bunch of plastic pieces, unlike I did.5 stars because it was easy to assemble and meets the description. And it really is a good space-saving concept. Any dissatisfaction is really derived from the…

Anonymous says:

Good for more than just wine! While I’m sure this would be great for storing wine, we bought it for a less conventional use. I work at an architecture office where we stock rolls and rolls of trace paper. Until today, we had all our different-sized rolls stacked up in a flimsy old cardboard box, and they would always fall all over the place and get badly disorganized. This Stakrax system fit the trace paper rolls perfectly, tucked very neatly under a shelf in our supply closet, and was super easy to snap together. It’s…

Anonymous says:

even contacting the manufacturer and the retail stores they recommended I check with These Stakrax wine racks are fabulous. The only problem was that, in order to fit in the space I needed it to fit in, I needed 3 extra top plates, which I simply couldn’t find anywhere online, even contacting the manufacturer and the retail stores they recommended I check with. So I had to buy a second Sakrax set in order to get the 3 top plates I needed to complete the construction of the first set. I still give it 5 stars, as it’s a great product!Stakrax, please make top plates…

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