Stanley Accessories 16 qt Adventure Easy Carry Outdoor Cooler Polar One Size

February 13, 2020 - Comment
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A cooler has one job, and that’s to keep stuff cold. The Stanley 15L Adventure cooler does just that at a price that won’t make you dip into your beer money. This compact cooler will carry up to 21 cans and is rated to keep food and drink cold for up to 36 hours. Latches secure the lid down tight, locking in the cold, while tie-downs on the lid are designed to secure your Stanley Vacuum bottle or food jar.

Product Features

  • Material: [shell] polypropylene, [insulation] double wall foam
  • Volume: 16 qt
  • Closure: latches
  • Recommended Use: camping
  • Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime


Anonymous says:

Can’t get open. I like this cooler except you need a prybar to open it. Seals so tight you can’t get it open. You have to really tug on it. I’ve just started using a screwdriver. Also there’s no wear to grip it while tugging away. Big flaw.

Anonymous says:

Cold! I love this cooler. It’s durable and keeps things cold in my hot car all day if I use it with a Yeti block. This isn’t even for me. It’s a gift for a friend because I loved it so much

Anonymous says:

Great cooler, just difficult to open when super cold Great cooler, just super hard to open when it gets super cold or when you got from sea level to mountains. The pressure builds up and it’s nearly impossible to open up. I thought I was going to break my fingers trying to open this cooler no joke. I drove from Reno to Vacaville and I needed a knife to open the cooler. I had to return it. I wanted to keep it. The ice retention on this cooler is ridiculous. It holds ice forever. I tested it. Bummed I had to return it.

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