SUCFORST 48 oz Water Bottle, 2 Extra Accessories Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Liter Flask, Hot 12 Hours & Cold 24 Hours – Powder Coated Double Walled Metal Bottles – Twilight Blue/Teal Blue

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Security from SUCFORST

All bottles are carefully made by us to ensure the safe use of each bottle without causing any harm. Multi-color is optional to avoid the embarrassment of taking the wrong bottle.

Each water bottle comes with 3 Accessories and size
18 OZ: Wide Straw Lid / Wide Handle Lid / Wide Tethered Lid / 3.5 3.5 11.4 inches, 1.3lb
24 OZ: Wide Straw Lid / Wide Spout Lid / Wide Tethered Lid / 3.74 3.74 13.8 inches, 1.35lb
32 OZ: Wide Straw Lid / Wide Handle Lid / Wide Flip Lid / 3.9 3.9 12.6 inches, 1.44lb
36 OZ: Wide Straw Lid / Wide Tethered Lid / Wide Flip Lid / 3.93 3.93 13.4 inches, 1.45lb
48 OZ: Wide Straw Lid / Wide Flex Lid / Water Bottle Bag / 5.3 5.3 12 inches, 2.4lb
64 OZ: Wide Straw Lid / Wide Flex Lid / Water Bottle Bag / 5.3 5.3 12.8 inches, 2.64lb

Key Features:
18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel – We use only the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel for our bottles. Stainless steel is rust, corrosion and stain resistant making it the perfect material for our products. It never imparts any flavors from drinks past making it enjoyable to drink from daily.
Premium Copper Coated Insulation – In the vacuum sealed area, has been dipped in copper for added insulation. Copper reduces the transfer of temperature, adding even more insulation to your bottle.
Vacuum Insulation Technology – This  tumbler has a double walled exterior with a vacuum between the walls.This means your drink has no medium for the heat or cold to transfer through. Your beverage will truly stay as hot or cold as long as possible. Even filled with ice or boiling water, the bottle will never sweat or get hot to the touch!
Easy to Care – Hand wash only, zero crevices for bacteria to lurk and hide. Note: Dishwasher may compromise the vacuum insulation.

Packaging includes
SUCFORST water bottle*1
Protective Package*1
Additional Straws or Accessories*3

Product Features

  • 18/8 Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated: SUCFORST water bottle is crafted from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel. BPA free, FDA approved. Our innovative technology USES an internal copper lining to prevent bottles from sweating, Keeps hot drinks for 12 hours and cold drinks for 24 hours.
  • Wide Mouth Design +2 Extra Accessories: Convenient for daily use, Perfect for office, road trip, camping, hiking, sports event, family use and so on. The wide opening is also suitable for large blocks of ice, allowing you to quickly fill your bottle. This bottle comes with 3 lids that allows no sweat or leak, All caps are BPA-free and phthalate-free, wide moth, lids-straw and flip lid.
  • Multicolor Choice: This leak-proof bottle comes in many beautiful colors and designs. The solid color bottle has a unique powder coating that provides extra durability and non-slip grip. The powder coating is sleek and durable, protect the bottle color, making it the perfect life, sports or travel companion.
  • Functional Features: All drinkware is Highly resistant to rust, absorbing odor and retaining taste, Easy to clean by hand. Whether you are exercising, working or living your daily life, our bottles always provide a fresh, clean taste that will not be retained or transferred.
  • Warranty and Service: We guarantee that the high quality water bottles will surely please you! If you are not satisfied for any reason, please feel free to contact us and we will solve your problem within 24 hours


Anonymous says:

What an answer product! while I wanted a container that had the capability of keeping hot items really hot and cold liquids truly cold. I was concerned about the weight of stainless steel and double wall construction compared to plastic water bottles. The slight disadvantage of a few ounces is far outweighed by the face that this product does what theproduct information says it will. After hours of hiking and fly fishing. there is nothing nicer than to have a drink of ice cold water at the end of a long day! Coffee…

Anonymous says:

!! SUPERIOR !! I love it!!! Keeps my water super cold and fresh. The bottle is similar to “The Coldest Water” bottle. I wanted to find a bigger but cheaper bottle bc I’m tired of refilling my 24oz (the coldest water bottle) everytime throughout the day. Thank god I purchase this bottle bc “The Coldest Water” bottle cost $60 for the same 64oz size, which is super crazy. While Sucforst is only $33 plus 5% off which is a PLUS ! I love how it came with a straw cap and a bag carrier to take everywhere you…

Anonymous says:

take it to outlets for whole day water supply Length:: 0:25 Mins when we are going outside it will supply the water everywhere. but it is cool not hot. so I buy this bottle to reserve hot water for going outside. especially helpful when Saturday we together going to outlets for whole day shopping we 4 people have hot water to drink when feeling thirsty. the bottler holds 64oz water really enough for us. and we gets energy after drink and continue our shopping and long distance return from outlets. really good…

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