Sunlit Silky Soft Sand Proof Beach Blanket Sand Proof Mat with Corner Pockets and Mesh Bag 6′ x 7′ for Beach Party, Travel, Camping and Outdoor Music Festival, Ocean Blue Water Flow, Quicksand

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Eye-catching designs
With four patterns to choose from, you can make sure to stand out wherever you want to use your blanket. It makes for a perfect backdrop for selfies and will look stunning on your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Youtube.

Comfortable and easy to clean
The Silky Cool Soft Fabric is extremely comfortable to lie on and won’t irritate your skin. It’s a breeze to clean, just brush sand and water off with no effort! The water-repellent, odorless fabrics mean you won’t have to dry it off after your trip to the beach.

Perfect Size
The 6x7ft beach blanket will fit up to 4 people, perfect for outings with your family and friends.

Stay anchored
No more fiddling with easily lost anchor stakes, just fill the four corner pockets with sand and your beach blanket is protected from blowing away.

Multi purpose
This blanket is great at beaches, parks, sports events and open-air festivals. It is also the perfect companion for picnics.

Lightweight, portable and durable
The beach blanket comes with a durable mesh travel sack perfect for carrying your beach blanket to wherever you need to be.
The 6x7ft blanket ultra-lightweight only weighing 1 pound and tear proof. 
This Sand-Proof Beach Mat is made of water-repellent fabric. It does not absorb water, cannot be used as a towel.

Package Includes
1 Beach Blanket
1 Durable mesh travel sack

Product Features

  • [Eye-Catching Design] – the uniquely designed beach blanket from Sunlit will make you stand out on the beach! You can also use it as photo backdrop, perfect for selfies and posts on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube.
  • [Better Material, Skin Friendly] – The Silky Cool Soft Fabric allows you to lie comfortably and won’t irritate your skin. Also it’s easily cleaned, just brush off all the sand with no effort! The beach blanket is made of sand resistant, water-repellent, odorless fabrics meaning you won’t have to dry it off after your trip to the beach.
  • [Thin and ultra portable] – The blanket comes nicely folded in a compact 12″ x 7″ durable mesh bag for easy traveling and beach camping! It weighs only 1 pound.
  • [Stay Anchored] – Instead of being anchored by anchor stakes there are four built-in corner pockets that prevent the blanket from blowing away, just fills these pockets with sand to weigh down the blanket.
  • [Multi Purpose] The blanket is perfect for use on dry surfaces in the park, at sporting events and open-air festivals, and whilst camping, hiking, fishing.


Anonymous says:

Easy to Cary – Doesn’t Get Dirty Easy I love this beach blanket! We use this often for camping and days at the beach. It is super lightweight which makes transporting it super easy. It stays clean and you can get sand off just by shaking it and the designs are beautiful too!Great affordable beach or camping blanket!! Lot’s of space for multiple people too!

Anonymous says:

Perfect for the beach! This blanket is very soft, large enough for 3 of us to use and have plenty of room, and washed well after our trip. I really like the mesh storage bag and was able to re-fold it and get it to go back into the bag without issues, which I was kind of concerned about. I liked the corner pockets to put sand (or anything you want really) to keep it from blowing around in the wind. Very happy with this purchase! (picture shows a full size beach towel laying on top of the sheet, sorry about my…

blank Anonymous says:

The Perfect Beach Blanket Finally found the perfect solution for a beach blanket… huge, featherweight, folds up easily and tiny to fit into its mesh bag, great price, beautiful assortment of colors and designs, no more sand following you back home.Used it all last week at the beach with our grandsons and there was room for all and more! And now it is just a tiny little bag to store for our next adventure.

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