TETHYS Diaper Bag Backpack [Multifunction Waterproof Travel Back Pack] Maternity Baby Nappy Changing Bag Ideal for Mom and Dad, Large Capacity and Stylish Organizer for Baby Care – Gray

January 11, 2020 - Comment
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Welcome to an easy, unique, and sophisticated way to hold all of your essential baby needs on-the-go. The TETHYS Diaper Bag Backpack is the premier diaper bag with 2 insulated baby beverage pockets to keep drinks warm or cool throughout the day, a convenient parent pocket for your personal devices, and 18 total pockets altogether. The unique unisex design can be sported by both mom and dad, while the convenient design provides ease of use and overall ergonomic comfort.

Two insulated pockets will keep your baby drinks warm or cool all day long while you are out-and-about.

A stylish unisex design can be worn by mom or dad. An ergonomic design helps prevent aches and pains.

Store your own personal device, whether a laptop or tablet, in a safe, spacious, and secure parent pocket.

Product Features

  • INSULATED POCKETS- 2 insulated bottle pockets store your baby beverages at a warm/cool temperature. Keep your baby beverages at a maintainable warm/cool all day long. Comes with a total of 18 separate spacious pockets!
  • STYLISH & ERGONOMIC- Neutral unisex design makes it easy to be worn by both mom and dad. 100% polyester with thick shoulder straps to provide comfort, sturdiness, and safety while carrying baby items. Ergonomic design relieves aches and pains.
  • SPECIAL PARENT POCKET- Main compartment provides 6 separate interior pockets that can fit a variety of baby items from toys, blankets, hand wipes, etc. A luxurious Parent Pocket can store your phone, laptop, or tablet, in a comfortable and secure manner. Easily access all pockets!
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN- Designed in the USA with extra wide openings which make it easy to find all your baby belongings. Dual zippers allow fast paced, single-handed opening and closing. Two straps turn it into a makeshift handbag!
  • WARRANTY- We at TETHYS are proud to offer all our customers a full lifetime warranty.


Anonymous says:

Awesome bag for multi-use mom and teen approved Where do I start. This bag is awesome! Although it is intended use Is for diapers, my teen loved it so much she is using it as a school bag. It has so many functional features that surpassed my expectations. The bag quality is well made. She has been using it for two weeks now and it has been holding up with all the books and other stuff she crams in there. The insulated pockets work great for snacks or bottles for the little ones. The side pockets are expandable and can hold a large…

Anonymous says:

I really like this bag! I really like this bag because I had a similar one but this one is much better. The reasons why this one is so much better are: it is lightweight, has easy access compartments, looks stylish, is not too big, it is not too bulky, well made, and small but also roomy. My other bag was similar but the actual bag itself was so heavy that by the time you filled it up, it weighed too much. This bag is also very stylish and can be worn by men or women. I’m using it for my toddler right now and really…

Anonymous says:

This bag is perfect for traveling with a baby! (or no baby!). I was looking for a baby bag to use when I have my granddaughter, and read the reviews of this bag. Wow, five out of five stars! One of the reviews I read, a lady said she had a bag similar to this, but this one is smaller. I find that funny because that is exactly my situation. I have a bag very similar to this one, only it’s bigger.Anyway, I ordered this bag and found it to be just as lovely as the bigger one. I travel frequently, with my granddaughter, and I was looking for a bag that…

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