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This lightweight alternative to the RidgeRest Solar mattress is coated with a layer of our reflective ThermaCapture technology that redirects radiant heat back to your body to amplify warmth. Working in conjunction with the classic RidgeRest peaks and valleys, the SOLite mattress delivers exceptional insulation in an ultralight and virtually indestructible alternative for backcountry travelers. For maximum warmth, use reflective side-up.Therm-a-Rest’s original RidgeRest foam mattress has been an industry bestseller for decades, keeping campers and backpackers protected from the rigidity and cold of the ground. Now, with a patent-pending, aluminized Solar coating, the classic has been updated with a SOLite version that offers a 10% increase in warmth, with added durability from surface wear and tear — all without an appreciable weight gain. This new model is particularly well suited to applications from advanced, high-altitude climbing to entry-level backpacking.

The mattress’s closed cell structure pads and insulates you from the cold ground on your outdoor adventures.

Advanced Warmth: Aluminized surface boosts warmth, reflecting heat back to your body Lightweight and Durable: Virtually indestructible, and light enough to carry anywhere. Unique Design: Soft peaks and heat-trapping valleys provide exceptional comfort

Solid foam with molded, closed cell fill 0.625-inch thickness and 2.8 R-value Made in Seattle, Washington Size S:
Nine-ounce weight Measures 20 by 48 inches (W x D) Measures 20 by 6.5 inches (W x D) when packed Size R:
14-ounce weight Measures 20 by 72 inches (W x D) Measures 20 by eight inches (W x D) when packed Size L:
One-pound, three-ounce weight Measures 25 by 77 inches (W x D) Measures 25 by 8.5 inches (W x D) when packed

Lifetime Warranty
Therm-A-Rest products include a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

About Therm-A-Rest
Therm-A-Rest is part of a company named Cascade Designs, started by three friends and former Boeing engineers — Jim Lea, Neil Anderson, and John Burroughs — who were laid off from the aeronautics giant in 1971. Outdoor enthusiasts looking for the next great gear idea, they went on to design the world’s first self-inflating mattress, the Therm-A-Rest. Today, Cascade Designs remains a private, family-owned company that has grown to be one of the most respected outdoor manufacturers in the world.

Product Features

  • Advanced Warmth: Patent-pending ThermaCapture surface boosts warmth by reflecting radiant heat back to your body.
  • Light & Durable: Virtually indestructible and light enough to carry anywhere.
  • Unique Design: Soft peaks and heat-trapping valleys provide exceptional comfort.
  • Reg: 20″ x 72″ / Large: 25″ x 75″ / Small: 20″ x 48″
  • R-Value: 2.8


throwing_arches says:

I don’t notice a difference. I guess it works? I can’t tell a difference. I use a REI Incamp on top of this which is probably plenty but when sleeping on snow I wanted something more. Cut it down to size and rolled it up to attach to the outside of my bag. When it’s rolled tight like that all day it doesn’t really unroll flat at the end of the day which is annoying.

blank BP says:

Best bang for buck sleeping pad. This sleeping pad is wonderful. Slept on it about 4 times. I have an inflatable one made by ALPS and while it works great, it is heavier and takes more time to set up and pack down. I cannot differentiate superior comfort between the two; they both are far more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. I get pretty good sleep on this thing in the woods with a comfy sleeping bag. The reason I love this one however, is how ridiculously light it is. I wrap it around my tent bag, and lash it to…

blank scott thomas says:

Very nice product. Heat reflective technology works great Very nice product. Heat reflective technology works great. Rated a 4 because I also own the Z-lite Sol and it is so much more versatile than the Ridge Rest. Unless I find a durability issue with the connecting folds of the Z-lite after extensive use, I would recommend skipping the Ridge Rest and spending the extra money for the folding model. The option to fold it into a seat cushion or fold an extra layer under your hips makes it worth the extra $.

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