Therm-a-Rest Z Seat Chair, Limon/Silver

June 30, 2017 - Comment
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Puncture-proof closed-cell foam and compact accordion-style design makes the z seat incredibly versatile. Choose from the added warmth of a coating with the z seat sol, or the low visual profile of Coyote/Gray in the original z seat.

Product Features

  • Puncture-proof closed cell foam
  • Accordion-style design makes for compact storage
  • Available in Coyote/Gray or limon/Silver (added warmth with technology)
  • New 2017 models include integrated bungee loop to keep your seat rolled up tight


Edward O'Neill says:

Great little pad My buddies laughed at me when they saw this strapped to the side of my bag. They thought it was funny that I needed a cushion. I got laughed at in the morning before we set out and they were jealous 6 miles later when we were sitting around the fire and I had my cushion. Aside from sitting on it, some other nice uses I found for it camping are: 

Ronald W. Harrison says:

Light, Compact, and INCREDIBLY Useful! Hands Down My Best Backpacking Purchase and Most Useful Piece of Gear! I have never wanted to give an item MORE than five stars until this one. I’ve been using my trusty Z Seat for over a year on longer, section-hikes on the Florida Trail and Appalachian Trail, now. I keep it strapped to the outside of my backpack where it is most easily accessed. I simply won’t take a break, have lunch, etc. without breaking this bad boy out! Keeps my butt out of the dirt, damp, and cold. This keeps me both comfortable and cleaner. Even in camps with a bench or picnic table, this…

blank Amazon Customer says:

Very versatile piece, comes along even in my minimalist pack This thing is great. It seems like such an odd item to include and carry. My woods/outdoors pack is pretty minimal, with a mix of ultralight and bushcraft items. I might have 12 total items in there, including this funny little cushion. It just comes in handy so many times. Perfect to protect your knees as you prepare kindling/tinder for a fire, or kneel to prepare food. Perfect over the log for comfy sitting. Works well folded halfway as a pillow (this is really maybe my favorite use…

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