Tough Headwear Sweat Wicking Helmet Liner/Cooling Skull Cap for Men – Helmet & Hard Hat Liner Accessory – UPF 45 Sun Protection (White with Neck Flap)

December 31, 2019 - Comment
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Tough Headwear is a trusted brand providing premium quality and functional outdoor essentials. We bring you the skull cap tailor-made for your active lifestyle!

Our helmet liner is made possible by advanced moisture wicking technology that absorbs and rapidly evaporates sweat tested under extreme sports. It is highly recommended as liner under athlete helmets and hard construction hats providing both comfortable cushion while preventing sweat from stinging the eyes.

Infused with instant cooling properties, our skull cap helps relieve stress from heat. Our fabric is also made with UPF 45 for your ultimate protection from sun damage. It is lightweight, durable and has added ventilation for maximum comfort. Great to use for any helmet sport or even as an everyday wear essential!

It is extremely durable, made of polyester (89%) and spandex (11%), and easy fit.

Product Features

  • 99 PROBLEMS BUT SWEAT AIN’T ONE: Our wicking helmet liner soaks up your sweat and keeps it out of your eyes. Recommended for athletes, heavy sweaters and guy who do real work.
  • DESIGNED TO BE WORN UNDER HELMETS & HARD HATS: Instead of sweating inside your helmet (I can smell that nastiness from here), sweat into our breathable skull cap helmet liner. Afterwards, throw it into the wash and watch it speed dry on its own.
  • FUNCTIONAL COOLING: You’ll feel cool as soon as you put this on, but not because you now look like an NFL linebacker. It’s because our skull cap literally cools your noggin’ with its moisture activated cooling fabric.
  • SKIN CANCER FOUNDATION APPROVED SUN PROTECTION: Got something in common with Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan? This skull cap protects your noggin from harmful UVA and UVB rays (whether you’re bald or not). Lab tested UPF 50+. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this cooling skull cap as an effective UV protectant.


Anonymous says:

Perfect For Florida’s Cruel Summers Lightweight and fits perfectly. I am 7.5 cap sizes, not a small size at all, I use it under my golf cap in Florida under a cruel summer, it worked perfect, under 95F at the golf course. I will buy again

Anonymous says:

It works! You can hand-wash it and it dries out fast! I used this in the middle of the hottest time in India where the heat and humidity can make a grown man cry. Basically the weather is so bad, that there is confusion between your sweat and the monsoon. This headwear soaked up all the sweat and kept the sweat out of my eyes while I was touring the land. Highly recommended especially if you’re the athletic type or the type that just sweats a lot in general and want to hide it under a hat.

Anonymous says:

Wonderful product!!! I bought this to wear under my bicycle helmet. I recently starting riding again. Because of the summer heat I knew that the pads in the helmet would get sweaty and dirty. There had to be something out there that I could use as a barrier and that I could wash and it also had to be breathable. So happy I came across this product!! Quick shipping, awesome price, and the fit is perfect and it is breathable. It will definitely save the inside of my helmet from getting grungy. I just fluff up my…

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