Tougher Than the Rest

November 17, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Bruce! I love the song, and it’s kind of gritty, and romantic at the same time. I had not heard it before this. I really like Bruce, but don’t listen to him all the time. This is a great song.

Anonymous says:

The Boss Sounds Like The Boss This is one of those songs that could be on both the rock charts and the country and western charts. It appeals to me because of it;s thoroughly masculine sound which so rare in today’s music. There’s a reason Springsteen is called “The Boss.” This is a great tune and very traditional in a Johnny Cash sort of way. Traditionalists and those like me who appreciate diversity in their music will most likely enjoy this powerful but understated song. this.

Anonymous says:

Awesome song. Fits me well… Tougher than the rest is a beautiful song and by far one of Bruce Springsteen’s best. I have been wanting to take up backpacking for quite a while but have arthritis in my legs. After trying a steep climb on a local beach, I was not only dehydrated but I was very hot and carrying a 30 pound pack on my back with a full load. I had no trekking poles with me, climbed up a very steep hill for about 1/4 mile and I made it back to my destination out breath after the short hike I did. Great test for…

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