Upgraded NutriChef Premium BBQ Grill Starter, Fire Ignition, Reusable Electric Charcoal Starter, Campfire, Fireplace, Outdoor Cooking Equipment – 600 Watt, Black (PKCHALT5)

January 8, 2020 - Comment
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Tired of waiting impatiently for the grill to heat up? Not comfortable with using hazardous chemicals on your food? Then you need the NutriChef Premium BBQ Grill Starter. Quickly heat and ignite charcoal with a simple press of a button, creating not only a safer work area but a more convenient one. This tool will quickly become your favorite piece of outdoor cooking equipment.




Quickly Heat & Ignite Charcoal Eliminates the Need of Lighter Fluid High-Powered Heating Element Simple Operation & Plug-in Design Easy-to-Clean with Heat-Resistant Handle Includes Holder Stand Base

Technical Specs:

High-Powered Heating Element: 600 Watt Power Cord Length: 4.9′ ft. Power: 120V Dimensions: 19.6’’ x 7.6’’ x 3.3’’ Sold as: 1 Weight: 2.46 lbs.


Product Features

  • SAFETY FIRST: The electric grill starter eliminates the need for lighter fluid and therefore ultimately reduces the risk of injury. Rest assured that it will heat up fast and efficiently, without causing you damage or leaving you waiting.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: The grill starter gets your grill going quickly and effortlessly with just the click of a button. The simple operation will soon make it your go-to outdoor appliance. A 4.9-foot power cord comes included.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & POWERFUL: Weighing in at less than 3lbs., the barbecue grill starter features a 600-watt high-powered heating element, that will leave you marveling that something so convenient can also produce such quick and powerful results.
  • GO GREEN: Keep your family safe with the charcoal grill starter, which removes the need to use any environmentally-damaging chemicals. Good for you and good for the planet.
  • DESIGNED FOR USE: The gas grill starter was created for daily use, with must-have features like a heat-resistant handle, easy to clean surface and an included holder stand base.


Anonymous says:

Light My Fire! My previous electric starters used a narrow electric element that lit a very small field of charcoal. With a Weber kettle grill, I needed a starter with a bigger, wider footprint.And the NutriChef Premium BBQ Grill Starter fills this need perfectly.Owing to the design of the element, it will set a nice, big pile of charcoal to burning. And it burns hot enough to light even on cold, wet, blustery days. And isn’t a longer BBQ season what we really all want?If…

Anonymous says:

An excellent charcoal starter I have a grill much like Americana Swinger Charcoal Grill and I use plain charcoal (Costco). My old charcoal starter’s element burned out, so I purchased the Nutrichef Premium BBQ Grill starter .Disadvantage: Cord does not have ground, but is longer than GrillPro 33666 (4’ 9”). Elements are thinner than the GrillPro, so may burn out more quickly.Advantages:1) Elements are spread out wider and thus heat more charcoal.2) It comes with a holder stand for cooling the…

Anonymous says:

The BEST on the market! Buy it! I’ve had others and this one is so superior! You can find cheaper units but this is worth paying a bit more for. The shape and configuration of the element is vastly superior. First, there is the added surface area of the element. Usually you get one round/oval element. This zig-zag pattern heats far more surface area of charcoal. Secondly, the area where the element meets the handle makes an “S” shape allowing the element to rest inside the smoker charcoal basket with the handle…

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