WaterFit Paracord Handle for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle – Improved Design Survival Strap Cord for Hydroflask with Safety Ring and Carabiner – Fits 12oz – 64oz Sports Water Bottle

May 6, 2019 - Comment
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Are you heading to the mountains but worried about accidentally losing or damaging your precious Hydro Flask wide mouth bottle? Look no further!

Our paracord strap will exceed all expectations of outdoor enthusiasts, mothers with kids and everyday commuters! This item will make your everyday life smoother and brighter

This NEW handle for Hydro Flask was tailored to provide the maximum convenience, security and portability for your precious WIDE MOUTH bottle. The enhanced version of this paracord holder is thicker, woven with both an interior cord and an additional layer of outside cord

The double woven strap comes with a safety ring and carabiner to ensure your bottle is securely fastened to your backpack, belt, stroller etc. Moreover, the hydro holder can be unraveled into 10-12 feet of safety rope in life-challenging situations

Our paracord bottle handle fits Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 12, 16, 18, 20, 32, 40, 64 oz Sports Water Bottle.

Built specifically to be your “go-to” accessory when you need it most, our professional paracord handle for water bottles is also bright and stylish.

By creating top-notch quality paracord accessories we aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

The paracord accessory set includes: Paracord 550+350 that can handle up to 550 lbs A safety ring that fits firmly around the lip below the threads of the bottle A carabiner A compass incorporated into the buckle A survival whistle A Fire starter and Fire scraper Order the paracord strap for Hydro Flask wide mouth water bottles NOW and enjoy comfortable hydration all day long!

Product Features

  • QUALITY REDEFINED: The NEW paracord handle for Hydro Flask is thicker, made of two woven cords, our WaterFit strap guarantees secure and comfy all-day access to hydration
  • IDEAL MATCH FOR WIDE MOUTH BOTTLE TYPES: With this water bottle strap, wide-mouth bottles (12, 16, 18, 20, 32, 40, 64 oz) are easy to take along and carry anytime, anywhere
  • MULTIPURPOSE & RELIABLE: Our paracord water bottle handle is an everyday, all-purpose item. All our accessories for hydroflask come with Carabiner, Compass, Whistle, Fire starter & Scraper
  • ATTRACTIVE & DURABLE CARRIER: Designed specifically using consumer insights, this handle strap is made of premium quality 550+350 military-grade nylon paracord in vivid, bright colors
  • 100% SATISFACTION and a PERFECT GIFT: Fans of outdoor adventures will crave for this high-quality WaterFit holder and its impeccable customer support!


Anonymous says:

Not worth the hassle to put on….find a different one. Impossible to get on. I spent over 30 minutes trying to cram this thing in and even applied pressure like the instructions say.Edit: I finally got the thing on buy soaking the black ring in super hot water for 15 seconds.

Anonymous says:

Love the purple! It’ll do the trick for me and seems durable I’m very happy with my handle – so much so I’m fact that I ordered a couple more for my other bottles:A while ago I got 3, 22oz ION water bottles from The Container Store, and was quite surprised when the wrist strap on one started to fray recently. It looked almost like it got too close to a heat source although I don’t know how that could have happened (sorry I don’t have photos), so I ordered one of these before the original strap completely bit the dust. A little later the second…

Anonymous says:

Very sturdy and great fit for Hydro Flask bottles I got this as a backup handle for a bottle I purchased earlier. It’s really nice and sturdy, fits perfectly, just the right length for my son’s bike, and after riding, he can take the bottle off and clip it to his backpack which is also extremely convenient. And I definitely recommend Hydro Flasks. Nice modern design and a variety of interesting colors not available in some other bottle brands.

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