Woodland Premium Disposable Wooden Cutlery – Biodegradable Utensils Set of 160 Forks, 100 Spoons, 60 Knives – Bonus 20 Wooden Silverware Packs by Nook & Fork

February 14, 2020 - Comment
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Nook & Fork, Waste-Free Goods in a Wasteful World

At Nook & Fork, we believe that reducing waste doesn’t have to mean reducing convenience. That’s why we create items for your home, office, and business that help you prevent plastic build-up without diminishing your way of life. From charcoal air fresheners to birch bark cutlery, protect the planet and your lifestyle with Nook & Fork.

Less Plastic, More Protection

Roughly 40 billion plastic utensils are tossed out every year in the U.S. alone. Combined with the waste from the rest of the world, this 1 type of plastic garbage reaches astonishing numbers. By choosing waste-free utensils, you can ensure less plastic harms our planet and the life on it. We don’t even cut down trees to make our wood cutlery!

To Compost or Toss in the Trash?

Wondering what you should do with the utensils once you’ve finished eating? You have 2 options!

Compostable – Take the cutlery to a compost facility, or toss in your home compost bin! A composting facility ensures the utensils break down completely, leaving no trace behind.Biodegradable – No composting facility nearby? Simply toss them in the recycle trash! It may take a little longer, but the wood completely breaks down no matter where it ends up.

Stop wasting time and put a stop to waste with Nook & Fork’s Woodland Premium Cutlery set when you click “Add to Cart” TODAY!

Product Features

  • WASTE-FREE CUTLERY – Reduce harmful plastic waste with Woodland Premium Cutlery‚Ā†-100% biodegradable and compostable cutlery made from natural birchwood.
  • PLANET-FRIENDLY PARTY PACK – Prepare for any event without creating plastic waste! Our jumbo wood cutlery set includes: 160 forks, 100 spoons, 60 knives, 20 travel bags with 3 utensils in each (extra 60 pcs).
  • A CUT ABOVE THE REST – Eating is easier with sharper knives and deeper spoons. Plus, Nook & Fork’s quality wooden cutlery set is supremely sturdy, so it won’t break mid-bite like flimsy plasticware.
  • BENEVOLENT BIRCH – Safely savor food with chemical-free, non-GMO, and FDA-certified disposable wooden knives, forks, and spoons! Ditch the harmful plastic and opt for our zero-waste option instead!
  • OUR PROMISE – Backed by a lifetime guarantee, our strong, sturdy biodegradable cutlery set, 20 travel packs, and high quality serving box spruce up your table without leaving behind any waste.


Anonymous says:

Diminished guilt! Length:: 0:22 Mins What a surprise to find that “plastic ware” came this way! I take a lot of lunches to work. Yes, I’m the guy that notices a soda can in the garbage and moves it to the recycle bin. These are a good alternative to the plastic utensils I usually use. They’re also great for kids, as they are blunt but strong. The packaging was nice and you can see it’s a good quantity plus the sets packaged and ready to go with knife, fork, and spoon are great for a…

Anonymous says:

Comparable to plastic utensils, but saving the planet! Length:: 0:47 Mins Packaging: The display box is just as it’s pictured and it very sturdy, so between uses it’s easy to put away. It’s a well designed storage container and looks nice as well. I love how they included little sealed up packages of cutlery sets; they’re super easy to throw in my husbands lunch to take to work!Use: So this product is comparable to plastic wear like that the knives are not for cutting super tough things and the forks don’t jab…

Anonymous says:

Stronger than they look – Great buy (Good for us & the earth) So I have a thing about texture when it comes to what goes in my mouth. Styrofoam cup touching my lips? Not a chance. The feel of wood wasn’t creepy but not pleasurable. What does this mean for me? I’ll use these when I backpack, to keep in my cars, and take with me when snowshoeing, day hiking/trail running, Mt biking for the day, and other such activities.These utensils are really strong. I used the fork to cut waffles that were nice and toasty hard. No breakage. I used the knife…

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