Zeroway 5 Inch Magnesium Fire Starter with Paracord Landyard Fire Steel Ferro Rod with Striker Scraper and Fire Blower Waterproof Fire Starter Sticks for Camping Hiking Emergency and Outdoor Survival

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Why do you choose our Magnesium Fire Starter?

1. The magnesium stick is much longer than normal ones, and you can take it with you anywhere with its compact size 

2. The Ferro rod has a distinct hardness, you can make a shower of hot sparks by using the durable striker scraper

3. The paracord material is the same as the one used in the seagoing vessel, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance and aging resistance 

4. In an emergency, the paracord lanyard can be used for stopping bleeding, making traps, bundling temporary tents and preventing equipment loss, etc. 

5. The package including one compact fire starter kit and one fire blower, which is more affordable and effective, save your money


Fire Starter Material: Magnesium, tool grade HSS steel 

Size: diameter 12.7mm/0.5inch, length 127mm/5inch

Service Life: up to 20,000 strikes

Fire Blower Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 15cm, can be extended to 60cm 

Diameter:14cm /5.5inch ~ 10cm / 3.9inch

Paracord Lanyard Length: about 2m

Single Rope Pulling Force: around 220 kg 

How to use the Fire Starter 

1. Choose the dry and exquisite tinder, such as toilet paper, hay, finely shredded leaves, etc. 

2. The fire starter should be above the tinder, do not scrap it in mid-air 

3. Place the side of the white steel scraper at 90 degrees, and press hard against the flint rod 

4. Do not scrape the flint too fast, keep one force, slowly scrape down from top to bottom, master the strength and speed 

Package Included 

1* Fire Starter

1* Striker Scraper

1* Fire Blower

1* 2M Paracord Lanyard

1* Frosted Tinplate Box

Product Features

  • Premium Quality: The 5-inch fire striker rod is made from tool grade HSS steel material, it is waterproof and will deliver up to 20,000 strikes at an amazing 5,500º F to ignite a fire in any weather
  • Adjustable Fire Blower: The fire starter kit comes with a stainless steel fire blower, it can be extended to 23.62inch to protect your face from getting burnt, you can also adjust it to 5.9inch for easy storing
  • Paracord Lanyard Design: The survival fire starter is equipped with a corrosion resistant paracord lanyard, pull force is around 220kg, which gives you a good grip and never comes off, perfect for emergency use
  • Compact and Convenient: This fire starter tool is compact and lightweight enough to fit into your pocket, it also comes with a steel striker, which also can be used as a ruler or bottle opener
  • Wide Usage: The effective and durable fire starter kit is perfect for hiking, hunting, fishing, EDC, emergency, BBQ, gas camp stoves, etc. It also can be a great gift for your friends who love outdoor activities


Anonymous says:

Great for camping and emergencies Love the compact case, but also that it’s sturdy and big enough to not lose. The braided cord to hold on to is a really nice touch too. I guess thesedo take a bit of practice to be able to rely on yourself but it seems worth it for emergencies and also for camping!

Anonymous says:

Great survival idea for ditch bag I bought this handy survival item for our emergency ditch bag in case we have to leave our house in a hurry and we get stranded in a remote place. What’s cool is it compact while containing everything you need to generate a spark to light your tinder. Fire means survival.

Anonymous says:

High quality. Works beautifully. Compact & easy to pack for outdoors or emergency kits! This fire starter is of very high quality. I am impressed with it. There is a magnesium stick attached with paracord lanyard, with a striker scraper. It easily sparks! If you have the materials, you will have no trouble starting a fire with this. The accompanying telescoping tube is 2 feet long when extended, protecting your face and hair from being close to the fire.All enclosed in a great metal case! We like to spend time in the outdoors, and be prepared for any scenario. This is an easy,…

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