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As soon as we started our journey to launch the all4hiking.com website over a month ago, many people asked us what we it is that we really would want to achieve with this initiative. Although we had a fairly high-level view of our objectives already, we sat down with the entire team and started to describe what our definition of success would look like and what we would need to do for that. So here we go, these are our objectives. You can hold us accountable for those! 🙂

  1. Encourage walking for recreation, transportation and health
  2. Support and facilitate trail development for walking and hiking
  3. Enable good hiking practices and the enhancement and quality of the walking experience
  4. Promote education and research into the health benefits and other aspects of recreational walking
  5. Encourage conservation and appreciation of the natural environment
  6. Maintain and disseminate information on camping, hiking and hiking trails

What do you think? If we do well against these objectives, will this help you, your family and/or friends?

Please leave us  your comments in the section below. Love to hear from you!


Alyssa Young | All4Hiking.com

Alyssa Young &
team All4Hiking.com

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